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Oh! The places you’ll go …… Side Street Gallery

Time for a great trip to a side street.  Isn’t that where you fine the most amazing items, ideas and inspirations?  Of course you do.

Spiral Flower Topiary

One of the owners of the local Side Street Gallery approached me before the holidays.  When she called after the holidays Heather (D-I-L) and  I visited. Now we both have display areas at the gallery.

Display @ Side Street Gallery

Very exciting!  Characterization of the Side Street Gallery is a “Gallery and Gift Shop”;  some of the items are paintings and traditional art, while others are artistic gifts.  Hopefully, my things will mingle and be one of the special items that perusing shoppers enjoy enough to purchase.

Hammer, nails, fishing line, and scissors – gotta have these to make a display.

Tools for the gallery

Staging or organizing; I had to figure out what I was going to use.  Our dining room table was the spot.


My display area is a small one at the rear of the gallery.  Yes, it is near the bathrooms, but it is also beside the classroom area!  Let’s face it, bathrooms are a natural draw.  I think I’ll like it here.

Hall of doors

Hanging from the ceiling tiles are garlands – some colorful and some mini books or round book page flowers that are so full they look like snowballs.

hanging garlands

Tomorrow is an Art Reception at the gallery from 2 – 5; we’ll be ready for the fun.  The wine and snacks are near my display area too.  This is the perfect location!


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