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Oh! The places you’ll go….Petersburg.

Petersburg is one of the historic towns near our home.  It’s wealthy past is obvious in the lovely older homes.


Fitz-Scarborough House built in 1884

Petersburg was established long before the Civil War, but that time in history stands out.  It is important in our family because one son has become a relic hunter and historian of that era.


McIlwaine-Friend House built between 1856-1858

This book, Old Petersburg was on the discard cart with a warped cover and a better copy on the shelf. I was at the right place at the right time to claim it!


Circuit Court House built between 1837 – 1839.  The tower was added as an after thought during construction.

This is such a great picture book for a transplant! I have walked the streets of Petersburg and enjoyed the features of this old town then come home to read parts of the book.


Smith’s Row is one of three rows of townhomes built around 1870.

For several years I was a member of a Petersburg book club where the majority of the members knew each other from their renovated neighborhoods.  It was great fun to attend meetings in their historic homes.


Appomattox Iron Works founded in 1872

Many of the front room windows are floor to ceiling, and the staircases are dramatic statements.  Maybe you can imagine the richness of the architectural features, so impressive. Another  fact is that the homes may have no central heat or air conditioning.  One member said she was happy to host us in July, but we would have to meet in her bedroom because it was the only room in the house with air conditioning.  Someone else volunteered.


Old Blandfold Church with Tiffany Windows

These Tiffany windows are NOT reproductions; they were installed between 1904 and 1912.  Blandfold was the third and last of the Church of England.


Brady-Jackson-Roper House built in1859.

This home looks so very much better today.  It is owned by a friend I have visited many times over the years.  She and her husband renovated this mansion.  She stripped and refurbished each window herself; no construction workers would touch the lead paint.  This place is fantastic inside and out.


Strachan-Harrison House originally portion constructed in 1757 with wings added until 1830.

The book, Old Petersburg, includes pops of history of the owners of the homes and several events that happened there.  Reading the book has enlightened me to the families of some of our sons friends.  We only knew them as Rob, Susan, or those brothers.


Freeman-Roper-Myers House built in 1838.

Together these letters show beauty, history, texture, differences and love. This project has been one of my most favorites, and I do think I love Petersburg.


It is not something I love completely, but I do love parts of it and appreciate many of its characteristics.

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