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Oh! The places you’ll go… penny smashing machine.

Visiting different places and enjoying different activities with a toddler brings so many creative interactions to light.  Like pennies.

Keeping her active and happy brought us to the smashing a penny machine.  The first one was at the Lews Ginter Botanical Garden  when out our Cutie Patootie was only two.


Next came many travels in Europe for three years and luckily more smashed pennies with her mom and dad.  In Germany pennies come from several castles and Bavaria; other pennies are from Prague and Venice.

Now she is the most precocious five year old!  “Noni, what are you going to do with the pennies?”

penny parts

Of course I had an idea and with Christmas coming I knew the bracelet I planned would get lost with the many toys.  Now I have it ready for Valentine’s Day.

penny bracelet

We contantly plan activities to learn and enjoy, even picking up pine cones to use as fire starters.  One activity I’ve planned for years are tea parties! (Raising sons causes dreams of tea parties)  I’ve had this Beatrice Potter Porcelain Tea set for about 30 years!

Beatrice Potter Tea Set

Maybe we will have another tea party! She can open our keepsake gift then.BP Snack Plate

Beatrice Potter plateBeatrice Potter Creamer


4 thoughts on “Oh! The places you’ll go… penny smashing machine.

    • Glad you like it; purchased in Germany long ago. Madden asks many questions about it; why is he called Peter? Why is he in the watering can? Guess we need to read the story before the tea party!

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