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Oh! The places you’ll go….. to grandma

Of course we went to grandmas!  And to visited several other relatives last weekend-end.  Now we are “ready” for our small celebrations at home.

Well almost!  Gotta pick up a large package that I’m hoping can stay hidden in my car for Joe.  Continuing to hunt for presents and to sneak open a few is the normal here!  And he’s the grandpa now! OMG!

We’ve tried to fill the empty days of Christmas for the senior parents who are living in a retirement community.  Each received an “advent” type box of gifts – one for each day till Christmas Day.

Noni was easy with lots of books, lentil soup & hand cream.  Nono is more difficult as he doesn’t enjoy reading.  His box had a suction cup bird feeder for his window, sketch pad & back scratcher!  Now they will remember they are loved and thought about even if we’re not visiting.

Many ideas have kept me happily busy creating.  Someone must be interested in lip balm this winter (very warm here)!


Let it Snow lip balm


This little snowman is available Here

Hope you are having a very Merry Christmas; it doesn’t have to be a TV Christmas to be happy.  Easy & quiet are good too!


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