The idea for this blog presented itself on my 41st wedding anniversary. Yep, we’ve been married FOREVER! That’s our usual answer when asked. The actual beginning a blog takes much longer than the idea, so I was looking for an inspiration when I got emails from my niece, with pictures of her daughter’s 4th birthday celebration. Amy is a middle school librarian and her daughter’s birthday party was a “book” theme. So my blog theme, I hope, will be “The places you’ll go…”

The 41 years I’ve been married have been to the same Army man (retired); we moved regularly but never yearly. I never expected to move to different places and see so many things or meet so many great people. But we have, and I’ve made every location individual and home with adjustable decorating things for military quarters, visiting as many historical attractions as possible, teaching IF I could find a position, and most meaningful, making wonderful friends into family.

“The places you’ll go…” Motherhood! Motherhood is a true location – the environment is like that distant planet far far away….. It is challenging, full of apprehension, volatile (in my case – I’m a redhead), and comprehensive love. Now, I characterize my status as a very proud parent of grown sons who have families. Some years were TOUGH, and how did I ever do all the things I did? Whew!

Currently, I work on a military base and meet many soldiers. It is remarkable to hear them talk about their 3rd deployment or their 5th deployment; they have my absolute respect. This week I met a young man who had only seen his youngest daughter 3 months of her first 2 years of life. Luckily for my family, we did not experience these frequent deployments or family separations. Also, I made a good choice and have a husband who was totally involved with our sons and supportive of me in so many ways. One of our sons is Active Army; the 15 months he was deployed in Iraq were horrible for all of our family. His mom especially, and his dad.

The blog isn’t about me, it’s about creativity with books and other things! Looking for creative outlets always kept me busy personally. For years, each of my students received a cross-stitched Christmas ornament I made; now I treasure gifts I give to special friends or family that I’ve made. I’ve gotta create!

Teaching and computers lead me to a Masters in Library Science; and what handy creative material – weeded books! My daughter-in-law, Heather, had some “altered books” in her home. She is also a reader, and she had found patterns in a magazine, Home Companion, and gotten busy. Seeing her altered books and the instructions, I went crazy!!! I had found my new niche!

From there, my husband encouraged me to make notecards; I think he was thinking that notecards take up so much less space than altered books! But I can incorporate some book pages with the notecards and I can use lots of recycled calendars too! So many of the things I “create” are from others items – you know, you need to use things up before you throw them away. (You need to be thrifty as an Army wife, mom of growing boys, and school teacher.) Guess that has been my philosophy, don’t be wasteful – be creative!

So let’s go to those “places ” that Dr. Seuss may have implied!


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