The Places we’ll go …. Germany

DSC_0009Imagine moving to another country, with different style homes and neighborhoods, and your plan is to make it home.  This is what Heather did.  Their home is pretty large, 3 floors, and there were many empty while walls.  Of course, seeing Europe has a much higher piority in the budget than buying art for the walls.  So, Heather, who introduced me to folding books, found used books and even magazines to fold and display on the dining room wall!

DSC_0007The color and interest these added instead of normal other affordable art is so interesting!  Can you see the detail?  Tightly folded pages, rolled pages, some folded to show the bright colors..  So many great ideas and textures.  Wall of books               DSC_0002And this is home.  A much different home than they may choose when they purchase their own place. None the less Singer Strasse is a wonderful home for them, and the family they are creating while living overseas.    This is one of the views from the dining room window. DSC_0012

Learn more about living and traveling in Germany with Heather’s personal touch:

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