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Oh! The places you’ll go… Wonderful Week-end


This sweet book nativity is just one of the items I’m taking to the Vintage Home Market this week- end.  The VHM is a new adventure for me and I am Totally Stressed!

Knowing myself, I know that being stressed makes me feel guilty about the things I’ve neglected.  Such as this blog.  Now you know I have been thinking of you.

Trying to follow the Vintage theme, I’ve framed some vintage weeded books:



This 1916 Army book is open .


More sea glass seems perfect to embellish this Chesapeake Bay beauty.


A vintage frame inspired this sweet saying. Luckily we all know people who have this characteristic.


The gardening tool is one of a pair of book hooks using those old gardening books.  The colors are great!


These classic story books make a great and useful coat hook. The colorful hooks really add the pop.  Thanks Renee!


The big soup can of soup – and a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Yummy!


While working on these projects, we’ve been able to re-make my lamp from books idea! Now the plug is attached and works!

We’ll see if I have hit the mark for the vintage shoppers.  But I am sure of one thing.  The year of our son’s deployment is over and he comes home TODAY.

His daughter was up early today and could barely eat breakfast & forget sitting still!  Even the dog has been racing to the door when she hears a car.  We are all so happy he is coming stateside safe and well!

Now, if the water company can turn OUR water back ON and the daughter-in-law’s water OFF!


Smiles!   Joy


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