Wild Wilson Women

Focused.  Intense.   Driven.  Creative.  innovative.  Bargin shoppers.
We want it our WAY and we want it on our schedule!

These are all characteristics of the Wilson Women. (name my husband gave us years ago)  For him and all the men in our lives, Wilson Women are not always referred to in a positive voice.  Oh well, too bad.

My sister, Carol, began exhibiting her creative skills while rasing kids, moving with her husband, buying a house – renovating it and selling when her husband changed jobs – for a nice profit.  Her kids are grown now and doing so many creative projects on their own, but Carol has a passion.  A serious passion for making her house into mouth dropping LIVEABLE  home.  She has a fantastic place for sale right now in southern Charlotte, NC if you are in the market….


Old windows made into shadow box shelves were a gift for me to use in my master bathroom.    The windows were from my nephew’s house. He bought a rundown ready for foreclosure, and just like his mom, he learned over the next several months of reno and has a stylish and very family friendly home.  Not to mention all the structural neglect is repaired and safe.

Carol made this window shadow box.

A Wild Wilson Woman Creation

blog pics 010You can’t see all the eroded details, but these windows were rough!  Carol and her husband, Jon, began work.  Jon did the wood work, such as sanding and adding the actual shelves and box, but only with the specific instructions from his Wilson Woman.  Carol mixed colors until she was happy with the paint, added the iron work from Hobby Lobby and my lovely original shadow boxes were complete.  Knowing Carol and Jon, that short statement involved many hours and work.

The funny part about these happened while my husband was mounting them.  For a software developed who repairs things with duck tape or WD-40, mounting shelves was a serious job.  To make things more complicated, this wall is over a large corner tub.  Things happened and Joe slipped, fell into the tub, and broke 2 ribs!   It is funny in retrospect, but the retired Army language made my hair even curlier!!!

My subdivision home needs lots of these individual touches to give it personality.  The wall behind these are covered with torn sheets of wall paper, my daughter-in-law Heather showed me.  She used this in their Army quarters at Ft. Lewis, WA.  It subtly looks like a rock wall, is easy to remove, and even easier to apply.

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