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Oh! The places you’ll go ….. to the back yard

new tree lineWhat do you want for your birthday?

Trees!  Yep, that has been my answer for a several years.  Many things have prevented this gift from materializing, but finally this fall I got my trees!!!!  Small and scrawny, but with the promise of growth, greenery, and a little privacy! Privacy is a strong work, because I want more personality to the backyard.  These trees are a start.


Being a country girl, I need trees.  Once we were thinking of moving and the fact that there were no trees near the current home swayed our decision.  We moved to a great multi-level condo that backed up to a wooded hillside!  We loved it! Our sons played Davey Crockett and Daniel Boone in those woods, hiked and explored. The fact that the condo had 7 sets of stairs made it very interesting – but I was young with very good knees.

Now we are happy to live next door to a forest; we have color, shade and wildlife. woods

Unfortunately, one of the wildlife inhabitants really needed our new trees to relieve the itching on his growing antlers!  He rubbed the bark off one of the new trees!  Oh No!!!


Study of deer deterrents began!  My husband researched and bought a BOX of garlic sticks!

garlic sticks

There must be hundreds in the box and they stink!

So we put garlic sticks in the mulch around each new tree.  Next, the nursery owner recommended ghost pepper, and we put that around each tree.  Using that pepper required gloves and the expensive pepper; we hope we don’t need to apply it again.

One more deterrent – rosemary!  Garlic, rosemay and pepper?  No, this is not a salad recipe; maybe deer don’t like salads.

rosemary branchWith all these precautions, we seem to have kept the deer away from any more rubbing, so far.  We are stocked and ready when/if another teenager appears again. I imagine my hosta will thrive more this summer too; gotta use up those stinky garlic sticks!

Since I feel the “need” for trees we have some inside too.

 Our fireplace screen.

fireplace screen

A canvas print.


A tree silhouette which I make to sell.


There are a few other trees inside our house as well.  Trees and the outdoor spaces are extremely important to us; one of our crazy characteristics.  Do you have crazy characteristics also?



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