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Oh! The places you’ll go…. obsessive working

This short time working at home has given me insight to the obsessive schedules of artists and writers. I totally LOVE working in my studio for hours on end. Papers and my ideas are all over the place. DSCN6525 One new project inspires another and soon my hands have paint, glue & even glitter on them. DSCN6524   And the clock says – if you don’t get to the grocery store now, you’ll be in the “after work rush hour” shopping – just like you used to do – AFTER Work!  Get going!

Boy!  Is creating fun!  I am loving it!  Timing is perfect because of holiday bazaars &  artisan Shows this month.  Above you see the dining room table where I was staging my handcrafted note cards. Today I was at Fort Lee and am looking forward to this Saturday at the “Home for the Holidays Artisan and Craft Show” in Hopewell, VA.Veteran's Day Both of these events are right before Veterans Day – so I made some Veterans Day cards! Embellished with saluting soldiers. Several other military note cards include “exploding cards” using the bomb theme – the Ft. Lee Ordnance Gift shop sells wrapping paper illustrated with small bombs – several sheets are now envelopes. DSCN6545 By up-cycling Ft. Lee maps and other location specific papers gave me materials for Ft. Lee cards. Historical cards are inspired by a Presidential  visit of Lincoln to Petersburg. LincolnCivil War battlefields nearby and the living history events each summer with cannon fire encouraged me to use cannons as the center of these Civil War themed cards.


So very many have fought  FOR freedom; keeping our freedoms is of utmost importance.  How did you honor a veteran this November?


2 thoughts on “Oh! The places you’ll go…. obsessive working

  1. Joy, you did it up again! Yet, you are so busy. But your time spent now is a real joy to match your name. Wish I would see you on Thanksgiving, but I’ll be with oura daughter and family in kManateo. I talked with Caroline at exercise Monday and we talked about your Thanksgiving plans. Enjoy! June

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