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Oh! The places you’ll go….. Anthropologie

Looking forward to a doctor’s visit – I do! One of the two Anthropologie’s in VA is near my doctor’s office!  These shops have the most unusual window decorations and display backdrops! Just going in to walk around always makes me feel inspired and creative.

Wave like stacks of water soaked books in the windows – so unique!


  Or rolls of these water soaked books –

Slide2Oh Yeah!

Slide2Other things such as milk jugs to look like an ice block house.

Slide1Dry cleaner hangers painted various shades hanging in swags.

Slide3Being partial to reusing paper I like this cone skirt!

All of these photos were captured from an image search online, so none are official.

Creating these interesting displays is determined by the main office in Pittsburg, PA. Each store designer is sent the criteria monthly and it is her/his responsibility to create the display in house. Each store designer adds their interruption and creative talents. Several store employees work on creating each display and sometimes shoppers are invited to assist.


Last week, I was able to participate in creating the Stony Point December display! Great way to feed my creativity!  We made brown paper pine cones!  Well, the cones were already made and the prickly parts were already cut, my job was to glue each & every pricker onto the cone!  This is not easy!  As you can see my pine cone wasn’t perfect.  I honestly am of the opinion –nature nor handmade is ever perfect.


A second creating station was much easier; birch bark and heavy cardstock had been cut into feathers. Slide5

Using a pseudo feather and silver leaf pieces everyone created glittery feathers.  This was so easy that a pre-school girl came in and wanted to so help out – so she did!  She was a cutie with orange & black stripped leggings and an orange “tutu” skirt!


It was so much fun; I’m hoping to attend the 2nd creating class to see the next steps before this display goes up in late November.

Have you gotten to attend one of these creative activity days? Or another style activity?

Serious Holiday work has started and I’ll be participating in the  Chesterfield Foundation for the Arts 2014 Artisan Bazaar. this is Nov. 1 @ Chester Village Green 10:00 – 3:00.

Come if you can – Artisan items for great gifts!  Smiles!

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