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Oh! The places you’ll go…. to Short Pump.

What is Short Pump?  When our sons played travel soccer, I drove to Short Pump often.  It had an exit off I64 and we turned right at the gas station with part of an airplane crashing into the roof! (yes, definitely an advertising gimick, but the only landmark on the two lane country road.)

Now Short Pump has eight lanes of traffic leading to a mega shopping destination! One hundred -forty stores at the shopping  center proper with anchors such as Pottery Barn, Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, and Crate & Barrel. Multiple shopping plazas established along Broad Street.  It is almost an hour away from home so I don’t visit there often, but now I’ll have a reason to go weekly.  I’m part of a new Lazy Daisy shop opening Sat. TOMORROW!

My emotions are overwhelming – and I’m trying to find a way to showcase my many book items on a wall space.  The wall space was the only affordable space with my small priced items.  So I’m working and WORRYING.

blank wall @ Short Pump

This is my wall – it’s very tall and encompasses a doorway opening.  I’m hoping to turn all these features into a stunning space.  Joe helped me “frame” my space with book pages.  Then he also added the world in cork above the space to use that height. The lighting is very good here too.

cork world @ Short Pump

We left it at this stage to allow other vendors easy access to use my doorway.  We’ll return this week to really add and embellish!

doorway @ Short Pump

Owl Moon is already in its temporary location:

Owl Moon book hook

For Christmas, I’ll be able to sale the star wreath I repaired with newer hymnal pages.  The great patina pages from the older hymnal looked lovely, but would not transport to someone’s home without falling apart, totally.

hymnal star

Using other old colorful book pages to I created this ruffled garland/table runner.

table runner

Joe worked very hard for me creating and staining boards to mount heavy objects for the shop.  Back we drove to Short Pump. My SUV was loaded with creations and anticipation.

Joe had been concerned about ruining the new shop wall, but the owner said “Go for it!”  Long anchors and heavy wood screws later, success! Attaching the boards to the wall was accomplished and HE was ready to go home! I should have known!  Lucky for me, there is a brewery & pub in this plaza, so I sent him there for a beer.

Book shelf boards

The anchor boards really define the space and work to hold my “Book” Shelves.

Large hook with string of blooming note cards

Through the doorway you can almost see a rope of “blooming cards”.

Obviously my busy personality shows in the display. Trying to use every available space, I loaded this wall!  The Poe mask, and painted FALL IN LOVE, and several fall specific garlands are hanging around.  The GIVING TREE is another special book hook available here.

vinyl door sayings

The far right displays  vinyl door sayings and in the center is a decorative wall hanging with cup hooks to hold embellished library cards/gift tags. This is a good view of the “book” shelves!  I love them and hope others do too.

Large RVA

More RVAs!  Of course I have these available; the steam punk set, vintage Richmond map set, and a tiny magnetic set with little bicycles!

By the time my shop was ready, two beers on an empty stomach, and “someone” had to be driven home while he napped!

I could’t have done it without him!


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