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Oh! The places you’ll go……Failure Friday

Failure Friday

OMG! After carefully creating a bunch of cones from a 1935 hymnal with great color, imageI realize the project is a Failure😕 The great color pages are just too brittle. The edges crumble.Star edges The imagined lovely star for a Christmas wall item will need to begun again. Ughh
Who knew that spray paint eats up Styrofoam plates? I mean, spraying a little to make a “touch up” became another flop. Spray paint plateSo I changed to a paper plate, and finally got this project complete. (It is already hanging on the shop wall.)

My great idea of making a book lamp is not going as planned either. In my head it works with some delicate adjusting, Book lampexcept while creating I realize….. Old wiring doesn’t work, I’m gonna have to splurge on new wiring to thread through the parts.Plug

At least the lamp shade looks good!

This morning I did find one success from failure Friday; the loaves of bread rose perfectly for the sausage & cheese rolls I’m making for company today. Thank goodness for one thing that didn’t fail.


Did I learn anything from these failures?    Well, I can still cook.

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