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Oh! The places you’ll go….by the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea….

Sea glass, drift wood and the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Birds in a cage with sand

These little wall hangings are up-cycled sea glass and drift wood turned into sea birds perched on original drift wood.


Blue whale

The whale is sea glass and Remora is from a little charm that says Trust.

Each wall hanging is totally individual & personalized made from materials from the Outer Banks of NC.birds on drift wood

As a retired librarian, I use discarded, weeded and salvaged books creatively.  The books pictured here are NC Coast specific to be used as coat hooks.

OBX with Sea horseFishing HookDSCN7376 (1)


There are so many favorites:  Escaping a Giant Wave is a mermaid!  Even drift wood as coat hooks.


Blue Crab

Star fish, anchors, seahorses, even fishing hooks. That octopus is very strong looking on the Ocracoke, Pearl of the Outer Banks book.
Making these is so much fun.

Another Outer Banks specific item are these OBX letters.  They are covered in papers from my recent trip:  an Ocracoke  walking tour map for the O, photos of the wild horses is the B, with a map of the Outer Banks with Mile Posts on the larger X.  You know, X marks the perfect spot!

OBX Letters


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