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Oh! The places you’ll go ……. house plans and return to the drawing board

House plans and back to the drawing board

While on a shopping trip, I found an unfinished shelf with drawers. It could be wall mounted or sit on a desk or cabinet. Nothing fancy, just a wonderful place to stash “stuff “. Perfect for a remake!

side porch

Then the intimidation kicked in. I am so frightened of many – artists/crafters – techniques. My intentions were to do the staining, painting, distressed look.

houseplans garage door

I stained and painted and sanded and HATED this wonderful little shelf.

Next, I added old paper floor plans and stained and painted and sanded and then PANICED. The wonderfully versatile shelf with drawers looked terrible.

back porch

I had ruined the shelf. So upsetting. ;-(   (Super SAD Face)

Since making ordinary things into something special is what I love to do, I went back to the drawing board!

Front elevation - right side

Now, the great shelf is embellished with another set of house plans that show too much carbon and have great personality.

Of course, when these house plans were commissioned, someone loved the house and needed a heart keyhole.

Front door with heart lock

Now I love the house plan shelf with drawers!

Going back to the drawing board worked for me.   Wouldn’t you just love to use this for stashing lots of wonderful “stuff”?

all the drawers

all the drawers



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