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Oh! The places you’ll go……….Cupcake Princess!

DIL was invited to a birthday party in Richmond and needed a sitter. Yippee! A sleep over for the granddaughter!

Like every little girl she loves cupcakes. I had just gotten them out of the oven when she arrived.

Little sprinkles

What’s better than a nice hot cupcake? One down.

A little while later, “Noni, can I have another cupcake?” Don’t you want to add the frosting? ” No. ”

Another one gone.

Big sprinkles

Since she had already eaten dinner, I thought this was okay, but when we sat down to eat, she wanted steak, then more steak please. Steak & cupcakes, oh well.

She and Gramps share short fishing trips to our neighborhood pond.  Here they catch & release small fish after dinner. ( The poor worms live in the frig – yuck.) Upon returning from the fishing trip it was time to add frosting AND enjoy a frosted cupcake!

Cupcakes on cake plates

Sprinkles! She then remembered to add sprinkles. Bath time for the grandaughter Princess. There were a few bubbles!

Princess bath

The PJ dance was accomplished and it was almost time for bed. “Noni, can I have another cupcake?” To Gramps surprise, I answered, “Sure.”

Books were read, and a few trips upstairs were made to add some comfort.  Successful evening with our Cupcake Princess.

She is still sleeping this morning as I’m enjoying the back porch & coffee. Any guesses what we’ll have for breakfast?

Unfortunately, assembling this dinosaur skeleton will not be as easy as adding sprinkles.



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