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Oh! The places you’ll go…… book hooks?

What is a book hook?  Using my book basis, I began mounting coat hooks onto old books.  What novelties!

 Group of Book Hooks

Nailed ItFlag book hooksVegetarian cook bookHistory of Comics

While displaying at the Richmond Arts in the Park event in May, many of these “book hooks” sold.  They are useful, colorful & of course fun.

Steaks cook bookgames bookEgyptSouthern Fried Women

That small success has created a monster.  I’m having a ball making MORE. Look at these Virginia Books.

Histroic Virginia BookState Fair of VASmall VirginiaWilliamsburg

A mother emailed asking for a hook for each teacher as an end of year gift.  How exciting, she had purchased one and needed 5 more.  She found specific books she wanted for each teacher, and I began reinforcing each one as part of the creation process.

EnglishMusicScience teacherP.E.teacher

Searching for interesting hooks has been great fun.

American Cookery

   An iron rooster works perfectly with the vintage Jim Beard’s American Cookery.

Eifel Tower

A Harley Davidson hook accents this coffee table book; a gardening trowel for the tulip book, and the Eiffel Tower looks fabulous on this Fordor France travel book.

Treasury of Dogs

Officially this scrap metal isn’t a hook, but I couldn’t resist a dog cut from a 1976 GMC truck found at a Goodwill.

Again, each book has a story to tell.  Creating book hooks continues their story, my story and hopefully the stories of the new owners.

Several of these book hooks are available at the Lazy Daisy in Chester and O! So Chic in Chesterfield.  Can’t forget this hook not made from a book!

Curcuit boards

I couldn’t resist.


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