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Oh! The places you’ll go …….the writing is on the wall.


This is the greeting at my front door!

Of course it has an exclamation point!  That’s how I “roll”.

Welcome y'all

This “southern” greeting would be perfect for me too.


This laundry room greeting is on my laundry room door even though my loads of fun had a repair last week.  I talked to the Sears Repair man about the door decal and he showed me this one on his cell.


Take it from the Sears Repair man – he has seen a million laundry rooms and this is the BEST one.


Most appropriate is P.S.  I love you.  This is for the inside of your back door as the last thing  your family sees every time they leave the house. My family surely needed to see this reminder for many years!  My “red-headed temper” is legendary, unfortunately.  Mornings were rough for everyone in my family because of it. I was reminded of this last week.

Our daughter-in-law showed me a pic of her friend’s feet as she as she rode the metro headed for work that morning.  Her feet were clad in two entirely different color shoes – one brown and one olive green! Think about it!

This young woman has two & four year old sons, works full time, rides the metro to different locations as work demands.  You totally understand:  kids dressed, fed, backpacks packed; Mom dressed, fed, lunch made, and probably the dish washer loaded, a dinner meat prepped, and maybe a load of laundry in the washer.  And she has on shoes!

I’m so thankful to pass along these tasks to the next generation!  I’m also hoping my family knew those harried mornings that I loved them.

Heather texted the friend later to say she hoped the rest of the day went well.  The friend’s response; “It was okay, but both shoes are for the left foot.”

P.S. her family loves her too!

These vinyl greetings are ready for the up-coming arts and crafts shows I’m attending.


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