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Oh! The places you’ll go …. a morning with a 5 year old!

“Noni, can we play with the Easter decorations?”

So that’s what she did!  And did we end up with a cute creative mess!

My Easter tree with many collected ornaments was soon bare.  That was fine with me to start fresh.

Bare Easter Tree

Bare Easter Tree

Memaw’s old drapery rings came in handy over the years for my cross stitch ornaments.
Cross Stitch ornaments with drapery ringsThe serious bunny hutch was created under the dining room table!  “It’s beautiful!”

Bunny Hutch Classroom

Bunny Hutch Classroom

 There are color coordinated purple accents.

Bunny Math Class

Bunny Math Class

The Bunny Teacher has her students lined up for math class.

Of course each Bunny Student has a heart rug.

Bunny Students

Bunny Students

The flowers hanging from the room are on lace.

Landscape view of the bunny school

Landscape view of the bunny school

What a precious day with a 5 year old.  I’m pretty lucky to have it!

Oh, yeah.   Noni  made a mess Friday too!  My mess isn’t quite as cute.

Noni's mess

Noni’s mess

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