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Oh! The places you’ll go …. Book Sculptures

Several years ago my daughter-in-law, Heather – gave me a lesson in altering books. These easy and simple folds inspired both of us to more creating and upcycling.

Tree charm

Heather moved into sculpting; sculpting books. While living in Germany she sculpted and hung books on the many empty walls of their home.

Wall of books

Currently a local art gallery, Side Street Gallery, is thrilled to be showing her sculptures.

fish on textured background

From my attic, she found a children’s science book about birds.

Birds book

What about this Time Life Photography book?  She added photos she had taken on vacations­- Prague and Rothenburg.


Of course there was Paris –


Using a lovely gold spoon for inspiration she sculpted this sunny book.

golden spoon

This reminds me of a circus tent; maybe a surprise trip in the future is on my mind. This blue accented book is so unusual and marvelous.

blue circle bookThis curly book was not inspired by my hair, but it does look familiar every morning.

Curly pages

Here is her display wall at the gallery; each sculpted book has a provenance posted with it that details the elements.

Gallery wall

February 21, Side Street Gallery is having a juried photography show where you can see and purchase some of Heather’s recent photography.  This is really special also, join us!



4 thoughts on “Oh! The places you’ll go …. Book Sculptures

  1. You and Heather are so talented!!!!!!!
    The sculptures certainly belong in an art gallery.
    Please email me…….your address has disappeared.

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