Oh! The places you’ll go….. holiday hangover – analogy

Yes, today is New Year’s Day 2015;  my “hangover” does not include a headache or sick stomach.  I am feeling the residue of the holidays.

Putting away Christmas decorations causes the “hangover” sensation – dread for the work involved, but happiness and smiles at the fun these decorations evoked.  Our “learning to read” granddaughter was required to discover and count the new JOY decorations each time she arrived.

Joy to the world

Joy to the world

Joy on tree

Joy on tree

(She had trouble grasping the concept of my name used in Christmas decorations)

Joy folded book

The baby grandson was always guarded from grabbing an ornament and pulling over the tree! He definitely tried after he climbed on his Harley Motorcycle rocking horse! Oh yes, his first Harley!

Harley Rocker

Visiting friends and family emotionally knocked my socks off also.  Wow the changes….  We visited friends with 3 daughters who we had known before the girls were born – the oldest is now 17.  The wonderful part is that all three daughters are lovely, competent, individuals.  The other side of the coin was the loved ones who are seriously aging and getting smaller with each visit.  My heart aches with these changes.

Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards are becoming less and less in number; thank you social media 😦    We enjoyed reading the traditional paper cards we received and LOVE the family photos the best.  Frequently, we cannot recognize the adult children of our friends, and then again, sometimes  we see their father or mother’s smile.

Enough of the contemplating – time to get busy and work through this “hangover”.

Just read my email for the first time in 3 days!  Staying away from the Internet for three days was easy, so many other things to do! As it is the NEW year, I did take the time to unsubscribe from a few of those unnecessary alerts – do I really need to see videos before I snooze?  I think not!

More paperwork to file and tubs to fill with decorations.  Another great part of my Christmas fun was getting new ideas:  what will I do with the handmade papyrus paper Joe gave me?  He spoiled me with the gift of many handmade specialty papers – oh boy!  What can I do wonderful with these?

Cap on lamp

More delicately, how can I convince him that his new cap should not hang on his bedside lamp?

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