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Oh! The places you’ll go ….. Joy Joy Joy



J  O   Y  These letters are everywhere during the Christmas season.  It’s very special having your  name is such a variety of letters.  Friends can’t resist giving me these decorations  and it is so much fun to have my name all over the house!



Many years ago my love for letters materialized and this print block plaque was purchased in Germany. Beautiful lettering and books – they are definitely linked.


Now that letters have gained popularity in décor I’m loving creating letters in different formats for the bazaars and artisan shows.

RVA has been a regular inventory item



with the rolled pages of Civil War Battle maps

RVA, Civil War Maps

RVA, Civil War Maps

 and other Virginia historical materials.

RVA, book of Richmond history facts

RVA, book of Richmond history facts


Recently I branched out to include pin & ink  calendar pages by Richmonder, Eliza Askin.  Her calendars are of Richmond landmarks and just fantastic.   These RVA letters are more whimsical and still meaningful.


Another source for “all things Richmond” are photos of Monument Avenue and pages from a recent Richmond Magazine with obscure Richmond facts.  I combined these into a colorful RVA.


Then came a recipe book – yep,  I copied recipes from my JOY OF COOKING, cia 1976, onto yellow and teal papers to create Yummy  and Pot Luck!  Admittedly, updating my kitchen curtains inspired these words!

Yummy 1Potluck 2


A young man in high school saw my HD, Harley Davidson, box letters and placed a special order for his mother as a Christmas gift.  A wonderful personalized gift for a special mom!  He is visualizing these in her classroom as a décor item.


How do you use letters in your décor?  I think they are and will be timeless.

See these letters and others at the Carytown Artisan Market; I’ll be there under a red tent!

Carytown Artisan Market December 14, 2014

Carytown Artisan Market
December 14, 2014


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