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Oh! The places you’ll go …. the big skedaddle!

The big skedaddle

Love this phrase from the Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls – not the context there.

I’ve made my big skedaddle from gainful employment, YES!  Last spring my employer offered a  retirement buyout package and I applied.  Found out late in the summer the long shot came through.  Last week, my first week of retirement, was my BIG skedaddle!  Woo Woo!!

Hanging around in jammies all day is not my comfort zone.  Instead I did a few things around the house.


Weeded and thinned this flower bed. Yes, it has been thinned!  Fullness makes me happy – not straight lines even in the flower beds


Created a kitchen table scape. Nothing as wonderful as Home is Where the boat Is or Stone Gable, but meaningful to me.  The leaf place mats were thrift shop finds last spring!


The yellow plates were wedding gifts from long long ago.  They had been gifted to one of our sons and somehow returned to my attic.  Soon the other pieces are being “gifted” to Goodwill.   Notice the spiral flowers in the pumpkin?


Oh yes, those spiral flowers really add to this cute jack-o-lantern flower pot!   It was also a gift many years ago and comes out every fall to smile.

The TV show, Crayon Crew,  about crayons and colors, is our year old grandson’s favorite. That is the theme for his 1st Birthday on Saturday.  I got to make his Happy Birthday banner! (Of course, I’m surprised a one year has a favorite TV show)


I’ve also “straightened” the attic. Mainly I needed access to the car bed for our granddaughter!   The entire family is coming home after three years in Germany!   We have been able to visit which was wonderful, but having them here for a nice visit is going to be fantastic!VW beetle bed 1

She slept in the car bed when she was 2; I imagine it will be too short for her now, but I have to try. At five, I think she will appreciate this crazy idea of her “crazy” Noni.  We’ll see very soon!

The idea of cards for your girlfriends has been buzzing around and I finally got a few ready to give my girlfriends! These are to be kept handy for when their other friends need a pick me up.


Of course books have been playing a large part of my skedaddle – I’ve listened to: Watson’s Go to Birmingham, (young adult book that was cute), Supreme’s at Earl’s All-You-Can-Eat, (wonderful girlfriend story), and Killer by Jonathan Kellerman. I’ve read in print a light chick lit book and am reading Lisette’s List by Susan Vreelandright now.

Three one pound cans illustrate the three pounds I’ve gained in my first week of retirement! Time to go to exercises!


One thought on “Oh! The places you’ll go …. the big skedaddle!

  1. Of course not like any retirement I’ve seen before. I’m sure your mind is going wild with all the things you can do.

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