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Oh! The places you’ll go……………. delivery

Success!  The VIVA 20th Anniversary Dinner books are complete!  Delivered and arranged on each table.


The tablecloths were all royal blue which really accented all the crazy blue and green flowers the committee requested.

 These blue chevron flowers had button centers   Not my usual embellishment, but appropriate.


The graphic novel with pinwheels was probably the most whimsical.  (Some Librarians are really young and appreciate graphic novels.)


Spiral flowers became a favorite as I worked over the summer.  These spiral flowers are accented by green leaves which is information from the VIVA website.  I re-typed VIVA facts then printed it on both sides of the green cardstock to make these custom leaves.   Wonder if anyone attending the dinner noticed?  The book itself was a science discard on insects.

DSCN6329The blue page numbers of this very old Harbrace Handbook made the cut for VIVA books!  A reference books from long ago – the one I used in college! The atlas page flowers are favorites also.  The VIVA director travels regularly across the Commonwealth – so maps have special meaning to her over the last 20 years.

DSCN6343Discarded from Richard Bland College Library, this reference book has a plant embedded in a nice blue pot!  The accordian fold flowers surround it from every angle.  Succlents anyone?

DSCN6321Leaving the blue flower theme, I went a little wild with the red flowers on this song book.  Again I edited the plain red paper by reprinting a pattern on each side to add the illusion of texture.  The fanned base has 3D music notes.  Music librarians, I didn’t forget you.


Document gift wrap paper is the classy emphasis for this photo travel journal of the Mediterranean Sea.



Flowers sprang from the tops of books and from the folded pages.


 Kusudama  flowers are so lovely.   A daily calendar of dreamy beach locations and a book of electrical schematics for cars printed in blue were the source papers for these books.


According to the thank you note I received, I think VIVA liked the centerpieces!


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