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Oh! The places you’ll go……nonconformity!

Not exactly sure that’s a word, but spell check didn’t click in.


While “thrifting” in June I saw the most original book. How to be a Nonconformist! It’s a little paper back with flip pages written in 1968. The sketches are pen and ink by a teenager!   I giggled as I flipped through the pages and bought it.

how to be a

Non-conformist – that’s me!

I was the high school senior who wore a Mini dress to the Prom! And I had really short hair – not the long straight style of the day.



As a born and bred Southern Girl, I married a Yankee! Of a totally different religion! (Having a priest bless our wedding with a prayer was cause for a church board vote!)

boy non-conformist

Not living close to “Momma” came next as we moved away with the Army and lived in exciting wonderful places! – Yes, Kansas is wonderful!


Paisleys  - written by a doodling teenage girl (not me)

Paisleys – written by a doodling teenage girl (not me)

US Army families became our family and enriched our lives with so many adventures.

non-conformist 3

Leaving “good job” after “good job” was my life of learning, not staying put for a “good pension”.


A librarian in motorcycle leathers?   That was a shocker to many of my academic cohorts, and it was me.
old books non-conformist

Happily, I’ve enjoyed wild and big red hair – not much sleek and smooth or predictable about me.

non-conformist 2



My art shows include this question – “Isn’t it sacrilege to cut up books and fold down the pages? “ I answer, “nope, it’s my art.”


These qualities make me feel like a nonconformist who really enjoys life.

skinny girl


Giggle with me, because someday you’ll look back and  see yourself.

Will you be a nonconformist who is loving life and giggling too?

I hope so!


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