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Oh! The places you’ll go …..Cycling

Slide1I’m on my way to a cycling adventure.   Not on a bicycle seat, but as an artisan at the high Point Cycling Classic on September 6.

A friend of my Aunt’s is an organizer for the entertainment portion of this large national championship.  How exciting to part of something in my home stomping ground. Another chance to explore ideas for creating new things!

Great fun – new note cards with a cycling theme!






Signature “blooming cards” will also be apart of the notecards I’ll have for sale with little bicycles as the center of each card.

Again, my great friends come to my rescue.  O’Neda is a serious bike, she’s riding in a 100 miles Tour De Chocolate in Pennsylvania for a Lymphoma team this same week-end.  O’Neda  had this awesome iron bike on her wall and she has loaned it to me for the show.  Then Pete, who rides also, loaned me a bicycle mechanic work stand. What a dynamite display for my note cards.


Right in the middle of these bike projects, I was commissioned to create photo note cards for the wife of the  Commanding General on Ft. Lee.  Should be easy, but there was a packing truck parked in front of the General’s quarters. After a little worry, I realized – #1 I could ask the packers to move their truck – #2 “Mrs. Two Star General” would not be there supervising the packers and she not answer the bell.  Sure enough, there was the general’s  aid.  Worry for nothing – the packers moved the van and photo came out lovely.  Great note cards  with the flowers and military crest on the wall; my hand made envelopes added o the project and everything was completed right on schedule.

The Cycling Classic exact location is on High Point University, an urban campus that has a beautiful architectural signature of brick and iron fencing. Honestly recreating this architectural signature wasn’t possible, so I’ve settled by decorating different things with the school color – purple.  Love these textured HPU letters.  Of course, I can’t make just one of any idea and my professional artist cousin came over to make them fantastic! They are a variety of sizes with magnets attached to each one.




This floating cyclist I made from a High Point map; the HPU campus is visible inside the silhouette.


It is time to stop making bicycle things and continue on with fall projects.  Love these spiral flowers which create a garland.



         DSCN6171Which ones do you prefer?  The golds or the jewel tones?


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