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Oh! The places you’ll go ….. Clearance racks!

Clearance racks are such an obsession with me, I had to browse a few yesterday after my dermatology appointment!

And I found the PERFECT things!  Butterfly clothes pins!

butter 4

  Aren’t they sweet?

butterflies 1

A wonderful co-worker had vented one day this week over a text from her hubby? “What do you want for your birthday?”  She exploded in, “Don’t you even know me?”

Do you know “Number People”?  Those unusual people who understand numbers and math and stuff like that?  That is Pennie; she pulls reports and does all kinds of algebra (I guess) to give statistical reports to the Army Logistic University Commandant and university Deans, who report them to the General and entire US Army!  And she doesn’t have two heads or anything!

She is one of those super nice people too who never, I mean, NEVER says a bad thing about anybody!  Pennie is a retired Army Major, a full time number cruncher, a part time minister with her own church, family bread winner supporting two sons, a nephew and a husband.  AND if that isn’t enough, she is in seminary part time to get a final theology degree.

formed by God's hands

Sign I made her when she got her church.

Pennie loves butterflies and all things lovingly made by hand!  I know this because she is my very best work “customer”.  She has bought my cards, altered books, and topiaries.  In the spring she bought a topiary for herself, then purchased another one to cheer up a co-worker.  The co-worker was losing her job (those government budget cuts are REAL) and had to let her family pet pass due to old age.  After seeing flying butterflies on the 2nd  topiary, Pennie asked for butterflies for her topiary.


Yesterday, viewing the Clearance Rack, I knew the butterfly clothes pins were perfect for Pennie.  Even if her husband didn’t “know her”, I knew she would enjoy those butterflies.

To keep them reusable, I just attached them to an office made sign saying Happy Birthday for her door.  She definitely loved the card and the sign.

Card on doorThe morale of this entry is

“Venting does pay off!”

“Clearance Racks are true inspiration!”

“It’s great to have friends who “know you”


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