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Oh! The places you’ll go …… VIVA!

Not Viva Las Vegas – like the Elvis song, but the Virtual Library of Virginia.  Yes, pretty forward sounding – a virtual library.
VIVA has been in existence since 1994, twenty years.  It is an organization of academic libraries in Virginia.  Partly funded by the state’s general assembly VIVA provides all college students with outstanding resources no matter which state school they attend. 
VIVA Logo 2004

VIVA Logo 2004

VIVA is an exciting success for the educators who planned and implemented it! Not to mention providing free referred materials for undergraduates, graduate  and doctoral students.
As a librarian at Richard Bland College of the College of William and Mary, the only junior college in the state of VA, I was fortunate to be a very active member of  VIVA.   One group I worked with was the InterLibrary Loan Committee. My position included mailing books back and forth, electronically sending articles, representing the small state colleges on the ILL Sub-committee, planning a yearly conference, and learning constantly.  During 2013, VIVA members loaned 114,322 original materials and 89,270 copies to libraries in Virginia and around the world with ILL, InterLibrary Loan.  
Librarians really take their numbers seriously!  But the rewards for these numbers are fundamental for the students’ academic success.
Old news?   Not really, very current for the technology of today. 
Ten years ago I was asked to serve on the committee to plan a 10 year anniversary event!  Wow!!!   Me working with very important university library directors!  Of course, we HAD to go to lunch at the Williamsburg Winery where the event was to be held!   Wine tasting was involved and it was a very fun filled afternoon of planning!  And I had to drive home…  ride the ferry over the river…..
VIVA 10th Year Cake

10th Year Anniversary Cake

Even though I haven’t been part of Richard Bland College Library for a few years, I was asked to provide the center pieces for the tables at the 20 year Anniversary Celebration!
Twenty tables of folded books!   Time to get the ideas flowing.  Wooo Wooo!  I sent the planning committee a few ideas and they said okay. 
I’ve been folding and creating and getting ideas from others and folding some more.  This has been so much fun!!! (I love creating)
VIVA college students

College Students @ VIVA

I sent a little update with pictures to my contacts and was told, they really want flowers in blues and greens with the books, no “little people”.   My flowers but flowers.  Who would have thought LIBRARIANS wanted their tables to have flowers in the center???  
Too funny really, but…  “Now is the time for all good creators to meet the requests of their customers!
That’s okay because I’m having fun with flowers too – like this,
  and this,
and these!
Viva, Viva Las Vegas!!!!

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