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Oh! The places you’ll go …. flowers in July ….in the SOUTH

It’s seriously hot and humid in the South in July and flowers pay the price. Watering  is constantly required.

Several years ago we added window boxes to the front of our cottage home and I have loved them. They added so much softness and personalization. The flower boxes themselves are beautiful and a huge advantage is the lack of direct afternoon sun in the front for flower growth and maintenance. That has been the key to success with these window boxes.

Of course, there is never enough of a “good thing” is there? This year we added window boxes to the back of the house. It is so plain back there and we have been doing wonderful things already –
enlarging our paver patio to include a fire pit,


and the vinyl chimney box was upgraded to rock. The back of our cottage is  looking more personalized. BUT, keeping these window boxes alive was going to be a challenge; direct sunlight all day every day! Bargain shopping paid off last fall when I purchased a drip sprinkler system and timer on Clearance. Great SCORE! I had seen these in action at the Azalea Festival in Wilmington, NC a few years back.


Attaching something to the outside of the house is not allowed; Joe has to approve these projects and complete them himself. It took him awhile to get motivated to work on the drip system. As he gets very “colorful” with his language, I knew I may be in for more hair curling language. What a surprise, the drip system wasn’t colorful at all! The only color was the tubing between the window boxes – black. That looked awful, so I was sent on the mission to find clear tubing that wouldn’t even show BEFORE the sprinklers were installed. The white cable clip nails do show, but I don’t mind that.  If you squint, maybe you can see them.

So our window boxes are watered daily and are living well! The best part is seeing the flowers from the inside of the house right at the windows! They certainly make me happy.

I still have “ideas” for other parts of this back area of the house – Maybe arched shutters like these from

more shutters - perfect
Won’t they look great? One of our windows has an arch over it, so I added the cement embellishment arches above the other two.  Arched shutters are a must!

And maybe raised flower beds along the foundation similar to these. Photo source unknown.

raised beds

Currently I’m happy with Phase I – pots of plants along the foundation.

Maybe a little camouflage to that fireplace heat vent will be another  project. We checked last winter to see how hot it is while the fireplace is in use.  Not hot at all.

And another small upgrade – black hinges on the crawl space door.


  Little things like those blooming petunias in the window boxes do make me happy, sunny summer days, looking forward to a beach vacation, fresh fruits and veggies;lots of things make me happy! Hopefully little things make you happy  too?


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