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Oh! The places you’ll go…… thrifting!

My sister and I have always loved “junk” shops. Not fancy expensive places but places you have to dig through to find treasures – see my smile! We were able to go through many “junk” shops last week on a wonderful birthday vacation trip.
And Shop we did! By the end of the week, we didn’t want to see another store or cash register! I can not imagine shopping that 450 Mile Yard Sale.

While going through my pictures I realized I couldn’t use them all, so I decided to tell you about one store owned by brothers. Totally appropriate since we were traveling as sisters and Gaston Pickers is a truly owned and operated by the Dockery brothers and their families.

Wooden Indian

GASTON PICKERS  You’ll find their homepage behind the name here.
Carol had seen a sign for this Pickers shop from I85 while traveling to Greenville, and we had a marvelous time there. This isn’t a junky junk shop and the treasures were totally unique as was the entire warehouse. The owners were on-site and WORKING – rearranging furniture, mowing the grass, taking calls, and talking with customers.

door and columns



Notice the columns beside the opening of this booth and the window beside it.  There were lots of columns and having the windows allows light inside the booths and adds so much interest.
The local paper, Gaston Gazette, (the article is here) wrote a nice article about Gaston Pickers after it have been open at this location for a few months. A history of finding treasures and selling or collecting them is so obvious. The booths are built by one of the family members, he was there working away. He definitely doesn’t look like one of the designers from HGTV, but he really knew his stuff when it came to building these booths. Notice how unique they are; mostly rustic with so much detail and personality.

booth with selves
Shelves built into the wall and windows make this an easy booth to work with. And windows!

windows in booth







A booth full of crystal is an example of how varied the shops decor, style, and merchandise are.

Crystal booth


Also, the lighting, aka chandeliers, belong to the family and are NFS. There are some gorgeous ones! This adds to the style, convenience for the booth owners, and the family shows off their collections! Win, Win!

A few of the booths are live plank wood and encourages shoppers to come in for a visit.

raw wood booth

During the hours we were shopping there (it was air conditioned), we saw tons of things.

Several booths had sales and of course we had to look more carefully in those! perfect for these Wild Wilson Women!

One of my treasures is this candle holder – it’s a set of three that was positioned in a circle on a round table.


My dining table is a long rectangle and they will look fantastic placed in the curvy line the length of the table.

A trait Carol & I share is using things in original ways; this candle holder is an example.

Carol’s major treasure from this shop is a pair of disassembled metal table legs. Gaston Pickers had hung them vertically at the entrance of a booth – so original and great!  Carol is planning to use them vertically also – as of now. This idea may change.  Will they have lanterns hanging from them on her veranda, or front porch, or above the outdoor kitchen?  She is so original; who knows how they will be used.  Probably NOT as table legs.

table legs

We both found  gifts for family members, it isn’t “all about us” . I found a gardening plaque with bunnies and my name in the saying, “Tend your garden with joy”.

Our mother loves bunnies & gardening; who can resist bunnies and Joy?  Mine is a new item, but Carol’s gift is “mature”. It’s an 8X10 photo of John Wayne.This is for her hubby Jonl who admires and quotes John Wayne.

Both perfect presents with special meanings!

As wonderful as our first adventure with the Dockery Family was, we had to stopped back by for their Friday – Sunday Yard sale! (See the word SALE?)  When we walked in the front door, we were greeted with 3 bags of goodies and a smile. Yes, 3 bags! Carol had walked off and forgotten them on day one. Supervising the loading of great iron table legs took precedence. And since we only removed our travel bags for sleeping – who remembered?  See what I mean about this friendly family?

If you like original pieces and have that creative bug –  go shopping at Gaston Pickers right off I85 in Gastonia, NC. I want pictures of your treasures too!


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