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Oh! The places you’ll go…. & they lived happily ever after!

These are our wishes for every couple getting married.
DSCN6048June is such a lovely month for weddings; the start of summer, vacations, and lives together.  Maybe you have invitations and need something special for your special couple of friends.

Weddings go in trends also; the huge formal wedding and even larger reception parties seem to be going strong.  Bridezilla….  how awful to be a mean bride instead of a ” blushing bride”.  I’m glad to hear of some couples planning reasonable weddings with personalize themes.

DSCN6039The banners I made are from pages of Romeo & Juliet craft pages; the banner or the letters are from this paper.  Great for love stories and non-traditional wedding receptions.

DSCN6045Of course, I made some blooming cards  from papers that include the lace and beads of wedding dresses, or the black tie and studs of a tuxedo.

DSCN6000The sweet pyramid boxes complete my wedding ensemble currently; opening to reveal a small gift that you have chosen. These boxes are from similar wedding theme papers, all hand made and individual.

Bride 2Even if you are shopping for the supreme Bridezilla, or the sweet bride who is making her own table decorations one of these personalized handmade items may be the right gift.  Everything is available from   or through an email to me.

Luckily, I’m living the happily ever after.



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