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Oh! The places you’ll go…. Dance

Dance recitals are happening all around.


The young dancers are so lovely, feminine, and dainty.  Or that’s how I visualize them; I’ve never been to a dance recital.  Back in the day, my car could almost drive itself to every soccer field within 75 miles; soccer fields were my geographic point of reference!  Having only sons who played Davey Crockett & Daniel Boone in the woods, or fished and swam in the lake, I knew nothing of girly girls who danced.

DSCN5966 A miracle happened!  Our sons grew up and married wonderful young women!  I now have daughters!!!!   No dance recitals are on my calendar yet, but…   who knows!


Another grandmother commissioned this sweet ballerina mobile with pretty pink ribbons and details.  DSCN5968

Aged sheet music is the medium; tulle netting makes each little skirt with sweet pink ribbons at the waist and wrist.  Her granddaughter will receive this personalized gift around dance recital time to be hung in her room.

DSCN5956Lucky for me, I may have a lovely dancer.  She is still young and she hasn’t chosen her passion.  Her parents are showing her many options; ballet, Karate, soccer, art, and bike riding.  Maybe she’ll do all of these; even play outdoors as an explorer.  Maybe she’ll be “DIVA Crockett” !

My Dancer

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