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Oh! The places you’ll go …….Home of the Free

Home of the free  BECAUSE of the Brave

Arts in the Park was fabulous!!! The compliments came my way and they were so wonderful to hear. My crazy art work is totally not the norm and trained artists have not appreciated these creations. Hearing the compliments definitely boosted my spirits.

Honestly, my helper friends and I were so busy we rarely left the booth; as a new vendor the regular ” Arts “shoppers came in and looked and talked and purchased many things. I only left for bathroom breaks, so I have no photos to share.

Lessons learned: do take an inventory before the show – keep track of what sells – take pictures!

I had prepared to the extreme – had even purchased a carpet from the local ReSTore as advised. When we arrived for set up, we didn’t see any other rugs and our spot was grassy and dry. We didn’t need it at all, but all the foot traffic was the appropriate term as the grass was totally smushed when we left!
Thanks Richmond for the wonderfully successful event! I’ve been posting on Etsy items that are still available!


Home of the free
This was something I sold at Arts in the Park. I love the meaning of this and feel deeply the intrinsic support I give the US military. Being an Army wife and mother deepens my patriotism.
Today I was allowed to view a screening of UNSUNG HEROES: the story of America’s female patriots. Lots of chill bumps – women who had served and are currently serving in the military were interviewed. One was an Army nurse, Mildred Manning, held as a POW in the Philippines. All 77 of the Army nurses held prisoner then lived through it and helped the other prisoners. Another was, Deanie Parrish, one of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) who was never part of the Army during WWII.

unsung heroes

Much of the documentation for this movie was found here on Ft. Lee, VA. The only museum in the world dedicated to Army women is here. The museum is free and open to the public; it is very interesting.
You probably realize, I consider myself a strong woman. But, I wonder if I could do the things these unsung heroes have done? They probably knew their strengths also, and carried out their jobs one day at a time without realizing the impact it has made on so very many others.

Stories of the “Greatest Generation” are most frequently about the men and their strength. This story is about women primarily from WWII to the present. Leigh Ann Hester, one of the women interviewed on camera for this movie, is currently deployed in Afghanistan. She was the first woman to receive the Silver Star for valor since World War II.

Lesson learned from this movie: there are female heroes among us – honor them – and raise them.

We should all remember We are the Home of the Free
BECAUSE of the Brave


See many facts and feature of Unsung Heroes at the following sites.



Also, get in touch with your local PBS station and request the airing of this movie. Ron Howard is the Executive Director and we know he does very powerful work.

unsung heroes  museum flyer cropped

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