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Oh! The places you”ll go….Arts in the Park

It seems I’m overwhelmed with B’s this month!  Butterflies, birds, books, Bird houses, Blooms, balls, boxes. Did I mention books? 
All of these things are projects in the making for ARTS IN THE PARK!!!
 This is so fantastic for me!  The Richmond Arts in the Park is a juried art show that has been going on for years, 43 years exactly!  People from all over come to beautiful Byrd Park in downtown Richmond to enjoy this 2 day event.  There are over 450 artists showing and selling their works.  The number sounds huge, but it is still an honor that photos of my work was accepted.
bird plate
Even deciding to apply was emotional.  A Richmond co-worker & customer kept suggesting I participate.  Next during a local craft show I was talking about Arts in the Park with a friend and a customer stopped me and exclaimed, “Oh yes, YOU really need to do that!  I come here every year just to buy from you; your things would be such a big hit in Richmond”.  As that craft show went on, other buyers came to my booth and told me about their return visits to my booth.   Wow!  A following!    That small following gave me the confidence to apply.
lacey blue book
Applications had to be submitted in January.  I began making things after Christmas, with my fingers crossed.
“Arts” is a big commitment for me; the fee is very large when you consider my biggest sellers are only $5.00 each.  So, we’ll see.
RVA 1971Of course I will have some Richmond Specific Art – such as the Richmond Logo made using a 1971 Esso Road map.
VCU basketball team has been hot for several years – VCU lettersSee the HAVOC!
My workroom has outgrown its square footage with lovely spring themed projects!  All the rooms upstairs have boxes and bags of goodies!  humming birds Blue birdspine trees & baby birdsbird house
There will be lots of Bird things because this event is held at Byrd Park!   Makes sense to me!
travel journalDAD - money tree
That is shredded “play money”  on the branches of the money tree.
These are just a few of my Books ETC stock; I think I have loved creating every item!  Hopefully others will like and buy!
Arts in the Park LogoSaturday May 3rd 11-6   & Sunday May 4th  11-5     I’ll be in Booth 338 near the Carillon  — Hope to see you there!

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