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Oh! The places you’ll go….. Battle of the Books

Not a battle with books, but a battle of books.  And this battle features SNACKS!

A creative, motivated, driven, National Teacher Certified middle school librarian, I’m lucky enough to be related to has been prepping her students for the North Carolina School Library Media Association Middle School Battle of the Books.  Students must read the selected 27 books to qualify for each middle school team; they are pulled out of classes to better prepare as the competition date draws near.  The list of required books is varied 

Amy is so creative and accomplishes so much, I enjoy bragging about her talents!   Amy wrote, “I host a parent night each year for my Battle of the Books group (a list of NC selected books that my team, that must test and qualify to be on the team,  read and study.  Then, they compete against other schools on the details from all 27 books).  On this night, the parents watch my team compete against each other.  It’s a way to show them what their kids are preparing for when they leave them with me twice a week.”

A dominate Wild Wilson Woman trait is working to make everyone happy; Amy proved my point by the snacks she made for the parent night.

” I try to provide snacks that tie in to the books.

This year, we had Schooled which is about a boy that has been raised on a hippy commune going to public school for the first time.

Therefore, we had some organic raw veggies.  DSC_0183

The baseball cookie cake is for The Brooklyn Nine, a historical fiction book that explains the history of baseball through nine innings/chapters.

My red scarves wrapping up the popcorn is for Red Scarf Girl about a girl growing up during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.


Finally, I had a bowl of candy for the book Gym Candy which is really about an athlete and steroids, but I didn’t think steroids would be a school-approved snack.

The miniature cupcake “bombs” were for the book Bomb about the building of the atomic bombs, and the cheese and crackers represented Cracker: the best dog in Vietnam.


The kids are so dedicated to their reading, despite the wide variety of genres.  The only thing they take more seriously is their food!”

Lucky for these middle schoolers, Amy has such a fun filled sense of humor and commitment to creative learning.  Maybe they will be life long lovers of reading because of her.  I know I want to read some of these books after seeing the snacks and inspiration for each.  Popcorn and veggies are my first choices, what about yours?

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