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Oh! The places you’ll go…… the boss is away!

Goofing off when the boss is away has been known to happen. Honestly, it isn’t my practice. But while he was away last week I…..


Added art on the meeting room wall!   All  lovely conference rooms we see on TV does NOT resemble the meeting rooms in this building made from cement blocks. I’m not sure the year it was built, but at some point the wiring was upgraded, slightly.


Yes, these lovely electrical receptacles are attached to the floor – great to trip over or smash your chair into!

A co-worker and I had voluntarily cleaned and rearranged the meeting room removing several odd items. The building may be old, but the technology is state of the art. A monstrous Smartboard and the white board dominate.   Dominate isn’t quite strong enough as this Smartboard was chosen by the men on the team; can you tell?


Rearranging the “drivers” computer table was the goal – being a part of the meeting, running the computer displayed on the Smartboard and skirting the electrical jack on the floor is extremely awkward in the narrow room.

After we lived with the room awhile, we felt we needed something on that back wall. Luck would have it, Sarah of Thrifty Décor Chick Fame sent all of us Ten Resources for FREE Art!  Her timing was just right, as the boss was away that Friday!  Perfect play day!

FREE Vintage Posters was the Perfect Link for me!  The Library of Congress; I knew this, just needed my memory to be jogged! This Link takes you to the Free Vintage Posters!   HOOAH!  (That’s what the Army people around here say when they have met success!)


Yes, I was back in my element: researching!   I chose WAR as my subject, downloaded and printed these war posters from WWI to be hung on this US Army conference room wall.

Yes, I chose several just because of the content – books, women, and the advertisement for the Marine riding a tiger was just too wonderful!   If you know me, you notice the prints aren’t perfectly straight. I even used a yardstick, so this really is pretty straight for me!

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The boss returned and never complained at all about my extra activities the day he was away; I did accomplish all my required tasks too.














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