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Oh! The places you’ll go ….. PANIC

It happens!   I panic.

I try not to be vain; that’s my brain talking, because I do like to look decent and “young”. (At my age who doesn’t?)  So my real glasses are not worn all the time.

 Definition of Real glasses:   bifocals – for distance and reading that should be worn ALL THE TIME.    And I do wear them – when I drive, ride the Harley, and watch TV.  Without problems, I pull on a cheap pair of magnifies for close work – otherwise I can see just fine.   I lost my real glasses!!!  For almost 2 days!!    P A N I C !!!!

Joe always says I’m a mess and … he is right.  We were enjoying a “Snow-cation”.  You know – a vacation because of snow!  Our work was shut down Thursday, and we were allowed to take a day of leave on Friday; on top of that it was a 3 day week-end!   Woo Woo!   Five days off with only 1 day of leave charged!  “Snow-cation”!


We were having a great time – not leaving the house.  He played his on-line game uninterrupted and I created uninterrupted!   Wonderful!  Creating – completing many projects that were in different stages:

Piles of boxes in different stages


Decorating storage boxes – several steps – finding the right papers, applying to boxes with modge podge, letting them dry.  Now, time to cut envelopes – which papers to use? What did they match? Gluing together.


Boxes ready for next coat of modge podge.  Deciding on what to add for embellishments to the boxes – latches to make – holes to drill for feet – beads for …


Time to assemble the topiaries – stain dowels, cut to length, which pot to use, add Spanish moss.  And what about that idea I had seen last week for a new banner to cut – check online.


We have to eat and it is great to sit down and talk a little – afterward time to relax and watch a show we have DVRed on TV.  Good, I can work on a “blooming book”  while watching TV.  Perfect.  But my glasses are missing.  Well, since I am making large flowers I can use the magnifiers if I need them.   The TV is a little out of focus.


Day 2 and more of the above activities!!!  I did shower and put on clean clothes daily even though I never left the house – that is important because after the 2nd night of no real glasses I was panicked!   Yes, I had checked every pile and stash of stuff; even my trash basket!  I had retraced my steps, I had looked and looked. Those glasses had to be here – somewhere.  I HADN’T LEFT THE HOUSE!  A very restless night followed.  Then it came to me – sometime in the night!  My bathrobe pocket!  I thought about getting up right then and checking.  That was crazy talk; I wasn’t getting out of my nice warm bed.


Joe is right!   I AM a mess!   The largest thing I create is a MESS!  In my defense, I did get many projects completed, and I even made new kitchen curtains! (The toile reign is over)  And I did clean up a few of those messes.DSCN5842

“Snow-cation” was a relaxing success!  We loved it! I can see to drive to work!


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