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Oh! The places you’ll go ………the Olympics!

Welcome to the Olympics! The Olympics are happening and I know many American families are watching. Do you remember when there were only 3 TV stations and the Olympics were always the show chosen? Men’s hockey is on this morning; the Americans versus the Russians. This game can never mean as much as that hard won game during the cold war.


Yes, things have changed, but the hard work, skills, and dedication of the Olympians still awe me. All of those special people and events:  Dorothy Hamill, Nadia Comaneci, the Fosbury Flop, Michael Phelps and Mark Spitz, Sugar Ray Leonard and Shaun White with that mop of red hair!


I found a coffee table book at Goodwill and felt the paintings were wonderful. Title GOLDEN MOMENTS: A Collection of United States 1984 Commemorative Olympic Issues. This was published by the US Post Office commemorating the many Olympic stamps. Do you remember when the USPS had money for such things?


All politics aside, the paintings are really special. The artist, Robert Peck, used many muted colors which gives movement to each sport. These are envelopes made from the different paintings of the different athletes. Inside each envelope is a small card for a special note written by the sender. Each small card is embellished with a copy of an Olympic stamp.


These special envelopes are for sale now at my Etsy shop BooksETC    Time to check in with the American hockey team.

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