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Oh! The places you’ll go …….. Inspiration for Love letters.

To be inspired….  Whether it is the inspiration to clean out the closet, make new drapes, or weed the flower beds – something has to inspire me.  Often my inspiration is as simple as sunshine.  Oh yes,  sunlight  is a key factor in my happiness.

One of my creations appropriate for Valentine’s Day was inspired by puzzles.  When I took this  job away from my Library, my duties were puzzling. Nails had been left in the cement block wall puzzled me also.  My sister gave me puzzle piece frames and here is the wall in my office!


Puzzle frames @ work

The crossword puzzle is one I created with the names of the people who work in this department.


The elements of puzzles intrigue me; I can’t sit still long enough to complete one, but the pieces are great tactile items I like.

puzzle pieces

puzzle pieces

Keeping  puzzle pieces in mind, I kept looking for the right book.  No specific book, just the right one.  Then I found it; a discarded book titled  –  SINCE YOU WENT AWAY:  World War II Letters from American Women on the home Front  edited by Judy Barrett Litoff and David Smith. Letters were written by the mothers, wives and sweethearts to their men.

Book Title

Book Title

From different sources, I found this information: After Pearl Harbor the, Selective Training and Service Act of 1940,  further amended (December 19, 1941), extending the term of service to the duration of the war and six months and requiring the registration of all men 18 to 64 years of age. In the massive draft of World War II, 50 million men from 18 to 45 were registered, 36 million classified, and 10 million inducted.  From the US Archives, 16.1 million served, of these the average length of time served was 33 months, with an average time of 16 months overseas and 73%  went overseas.

Using the book of love letters, I found places with loving words written and used these to make the Love Letters Valentine print.

valentines 004

Love Letters

Love Letters

“We fit together so well… it’s like pieces of a puzzle, the way your hand fits the curve of my hip and the way my head rests on your shoulder, the way our hands just melt into one, and the way I feel complete when I’m with you… like the picture’s finally completed and I’ll never have to wonder what I’m missing.”    found with a Google search

Available at

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