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Oh! The places you’ll go …..your favorite book as a child

 What was your favorite book as a child?

make it book 008

Reading to my  pre-school students, I fell in love with The POKEY LITTLE PUPPY! Maybe it was the idea of one puppy being a little mischievous, or the cute  puppy graphic– but I loved that little book!

make it book 012

When moving to a new area, I frequently spent time substitute teaching. I discovered bribing the students with dramatically read poems from WHERE THE SIDEWALK ENDS equaled good behavior. Another long time favorite.

make it book 014
As an elementary teacher, who loved to read to my students, I enjoyed so many books: The MOUSE AND THE MOTORCYCLE, I even found a mouse pin that fit inside a vest pocket that I wore and named Ralph. CHARLOTTE’S WEB was another expected favorite, but HOW TO EAT FRIED WORMS was new favorite for many of the students and so much fun to read aloud!

make it book 013

While teaching fifth grade, I discovered multiple copies of rewritten historical paperbacks such as THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO, SHERLOCK HOLMES MYSTERIES, and others. This way each student had their own copy to read. Oh! The places my students traveled and lives we relived with these books!

make it book 009

But, my favorite book as a child was one I borrowed from my cousin; McCalls Giant Golden MAKE IT BOOK. It is full of projects. I loved this book! I could make things many times and never tire of creating! Simple things from household items – nothing fancy like the knitting or woodwork; I was on my own while creating. Like reading.

make it book 015
So, I never returned it. The book was hidden among my things and I never gave it back. I really felt guilty about it and finally confessed to the “theft” a few years ago. My cousin laughed and had not ever missed the book. (Guilt gone, whew!)

This was published in 1953 by Simon and Shuster; designed and arranged by John Peter, illustrated by Corinne Malvern and Bob Riley.

woven hearts 006

From page 139; woven Valentine basket.  Easy to make as a child even without the red paper.  Many years my students wove paper hearts as an activity from this pattern.

True to myself, I’m a “maker”; I love to make things.  And this book has met every book’s expectations of being loved and re-read by its owner many times over!

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