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Oh! The places you’ll go ….. wonderful Christmas home!

Christmas 2013 052

Blog readers have probably had their fill of Christmas decorations. But imagine renovating a house inside and out and then decorating like this!  Yes, my sister is “over the top” when it comes to details!  I showed you the outside of this house last December when it was purchased and then a picture of the new front as of September.  When we visited this Christmas here is how the inside looks!

Walls were removed between the entrance – dining room – family room and the kitchen!  That “open plan” we hear about on TV really works in this house.  Of course the decorations make the house a lovely home.

Christmas 2013 035

Dining Room table

The Santa and Nutcracker collections really add spice to the entire scene.

Christmas 2013 041

Top of TV Cabinet

Christmas 2013 036

Entry table with mini trees

Imagine a master bedroom with enough room for a sitting area, fireplace and even a Christmas tree that follows your color scheme!

Christmas 2013 016                                          Christmas 2013 017

The master bathroom also has some decorations!  The cabinet under the decorations is a RE-Store purchase that was redesigned also; a mirror in the door, while the inside houses bathroom items and a TV!

Christmas 2013 021

Master bath

Beside the master bath is the laundry room – very convenient.  Ikea cabinets work to hold all their folded clothes and an old door mounted to the wall works great for holding their robes.

Old door

Old door

More old doors were used for the “Kiss me Goodnight Bed” made by Carol & Jon.  This is the center of the guest room with an antique mantle decorating one wall; there are French doors on the opposite wall which open to a new multi level deck.  I feel the book prints in here are in my honor; joking since my niece is also a librarian.

Guest Room

Guest Room

Book prints in guest room

Book prints in guest room

The new kitchen has a few decorations also; aqua to match the other accessories already in there.  Don’t forget the Santa collection that sits atop a lovely china cabinet.

Christmas 2013 032

China cabinet with Santa’s

Christmas 2013 034


To accommodate the outdoor lifestyle Carol and Jon love, the old laundry room/hallway has been converted into a butler’s pantry.  The upper cabinets were salvaged from the old kitchen and modified by putting glass into the doors.  Glass shelves were added and behind the shelves is textured wallpaper painted silver to resemble tin ceiling tiles.  The Santa’s are holding their own with the tea pots in here!

Butler's pantry

Butler’s pantry

Christmas 2013 029

You can see why I love and admire my sister so very much.  She is so very talented and hard-working and accomplished!  Besides, she’s my sister and I need her to be complete.

A lovely home doesn’t make the Christmas happy, but loving and laughing do.  We certainly did plenty of that!

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