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Oh! The places you’ll go …….trees falling in the forest?

Paul Tindale
So many blogs have great meaningful quotes.  Afraid this is my contribution to meaningful quotes about forests. Ho! Ho! Ho!!! Guess this is representative of my sense of humor too!

Naturally, you know that a crafter has to make a few Christmas trees during this season. I received an order to create multiple trees. The order was loosely  described as paper – creative – about a foot tall – rustic preferable. To satisfy myself, my trees needed to be from book pages and not usual. My daughter-in-law gave me the idea for curled music page trees.

Christmas trees 2013 007

Music Christmas trees

These trees are also from music purchased in Germany that was aged to a great color.

Christmas trees 2013 008

Skinny Christmas tree

The skinny tree is cut with textured scissors and looped before putting each loop onto the cone. O’Neda, my artist friend, embellished this tree with a few silver brads that added a little bling!

Christmas trees 2013 010

The folded trees are more traditional in the folding arena, but each one is highlighted with glitter ModPodge; something new for me!  O’Neda also helped create this special grove of folded trees by adding the ribbon and bows.

The client was pleased and I am happy with this forest.  Wish a few politicians would scream and I would definitely applaud as would most of the government employees I know!

The Army base where I work has a large events location with a beautiful two tiered ballroom! A wives’ club takes on the  task of decorating the ballroom for Christmas.  This year there are about 40 trees decorated by different groups from the area.  I was in the right place at the right time and was able to decorate one of the trees before the multiple events this holiday season.


Books ETC tree @ Lee Club

All the decorations on my tree were made from book pages or other papers.  Maybe you can see the hanging mini book garland near the bottom, and there is a snowflake garland above the altered books around the base.

Ft. Lee Tree 3           DSCN3511          DSCN3509

I also have  gingerbread men and a globe garland; each globe consists of 4 circles cut from an atlas then fanned out.  The white cut papers are from cardstock and a Silhouette cutter; these were so much fun to make!  Respectful of the location, I made an ornament of the many Army schools represented by their official logo.  I work for ALU, Army Logistics University; the blue logo in the red oval.   Other items you may recognize are the Love & Listen phrase mounted to a book page and a folded lotus flower from other book pages.

Creating these things is great fun for me.  Hopefully lots of people are buying my creations from the shops, and just standing around with a glass of wine enjoying the decorations at their Christmas events on base!!!

I hope you are enjoying your own Christmas tree and all of its meaningful ornaments.

3 thoughts on “Oh! The places you’ll go …….trees falling in the forest?

  1. I really love that one too! Several of those went to a shop in NC. They look wonderful. Guess what my grandkids are getting from me this Christmas…BOOKS! Merry Christmas!

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