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Oh! The places you’ll go ……North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Ohio and New York!

Well, I haven’t actually gone to Ohio but I do have maps from there!  Here is the proof!


Ohio Map books

Ohio Map books

An enchanting store in Charlotte, Blacklion, has multiple small shops inside with an overwhelming variety of items! Some items are handmade, others custom made, and even a few are resale items. Blacklion “was designed as a central gift and design center. The vision was to assemble many merchants offering upscale gifts, furniture and accessories, along with a cadre of local interior designers and an enormous selection of products, all in a one-stop shopping setting.”  One of the shop merchants commissioned me to create things for her Christmas shoppers.

 states, garlands, trees 029

Part of the order was books, of course, with a silhouette of different states on the spine.  I had been stacking books this way by Virginia authors or about Virginia as the books.  This was becoming difficult to find used inexpensive books for the set of books project, so I adjusted to books covered by maps of the different states!

 states, garlands, trees 030                                       states, garlands, trees 032

This works well and gives the project so much color and interest. 

How to you drive to a new location these days?  Probably using your Garmin or your IPhone.   Print maps are uncommon items even  in gas stations.  I begged maps from friends and family and finally added the contracted maps by purchasing  from an online store. 

State Books

State Books

South Carolina has a wonderful set of books with maps made from Charleston City Maps from our trip there last spring.  That set of state books is very colorful!  Hope someone who had great adventures in Charleston buys this set!

Quote from Blacklion webpage:


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