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Oh! The places you’ll go … to the roof!

To the Roof!


Life can be so funny between sisters and their husbands without ever planning it!!!  Naturally, Carol & I are the “joke” part.

Except while on vacations; the two of us always go to a hardware store when we are together.  Not the nail salon, favorite dress shop, or even favorite restaurant but to a hardware store.  Getting things accomplished is our favorite pastime. 

A couple of years ago, while Sis was visiting, she found a fantastic brass bed frame!!!  She loved it and decided to purchase it.  She was driving a Jeep, not a small Jeep, but one too small to hold a kind size bed frame.  So, we strapped it on the roof of her car!!!  Logical, right?  The men at the store had helped by putting a quilt under the bed frame.  We were on the way home and decided to pull over to check for security and movement.  That quilt had blown almost completely out and would/could have blinded a car behind us if we hadn’t stopped when we did!!!   We felt so much better after removing the quilt.

My husband thought we were crazy when we drove up!!!   He shook his head and laughed.  But before she left for the 5-6 hour drive home alone, Joe really secured the bed frame.  I mean – at least 25 more bungee cords!!!  He’s a little over zealous sometimes.

table on roof of a car

table on the roof

This is not her car with the table on top, but this is almost as funny! No big deal to Sis & I; we felt we had a problem and solved it!  Her husband on the other hand was NOT happy.  He didn’t really even like of the bed frame.

Sis and Hubby are currently downsizing into a one level home.  It is so fantastic, as I will show you sometime.  As downsizing goes, they need to give away many things.  One recent visit found us as the recipients of several large outdoor pots.  Joe was with me this trip and put a stop of the “gifts” after the pots. Jon just couldn’t encourage him to take something large home that needed to be strapped to the roof!

On my more most recent trip, I helped organize and even helped with dropping off a truck load of furniture at Salvation Army!  We really tried to give things away.  But I did bring home several boxes of frames to reuse with my book pages.  I also purchased a fire pit while visiting which was almost too large for my small backseat.  Sis’s hubby wanted to strap it to the roof  -a little something for Joe!!! 


Not a Wild Wilson Woman

 I did stop at a gas station for an expensive fill up on this return trip.  There was a pick-up truck with a bed full of various items – rusty bicycles,fence posts, and many other things, with three men squeezed into the front seat.  But the flatbed trailer it was pulling was the funniest part!  On the trailer was a very old rusty car with hood up and truck open.  Inside the hood was what appeared to be a washing machine! I couldn’t see what was filling the trunk, but there was a stand-up rusty freezer under the trunk.  The entire trailer was LOADED!


The wife’s way of solving a problem, of course.

These photos are all I could fine online of similar packing skills!  Just imagine that rusty car with an overloaded engine area and trunk!!!   Soooo funny.

car with hood & trunk open

Is that trunk full of stuff too? It should be to use all the space!

Our guys should be happy we don’t quite carry this much between homes!!! 

Is there any wonder WHY our husbands call us the Wild Wilson Women???


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