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Oh! The places you’ll go…….Grey

If you recognize the spelling of this word, you’ll know where I’m going. Well, kind of going. I do read lots; so of course I heard about the Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James.
One of my creations that sells are letters with rolled book pages on them. RVA is an example, and rolled Civil War battle maps is another. civil-war-map-001
3 initials
A creative shop in Carytown, ORANGE, carries some of my things. This area is known for being hip, eclectic and young. That’s why I have gone “grey”.
Using the first  book in the series, I rolled pages from Fifty Shades of Grey  to cover the letter G. Having made a thousand rolled pages, this sounds so very easy. Have YOU read the book? There are several “grey” words in print here! Thinking I needed to be subtle, I was very careful about the exact words exposed to all viewers of my work!  So very funny. Words that my mother would be appalled to even read!!!
The G is for sale at ORANGE with no explanation. If any woman looks at the letter closely, she’ll figure it out. Maybe laugh or maybe be offended. Hopefully at least one woman will enjoy the Grey G enough to purchase it.


Who knows, maybe this will be a big seller for me; Fifty Shades of Grey was on the best seller list  for FIFTY weeks!

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