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Oh! The places you’ll go …..Memorials

The hardest working tool on my desk/door.

 Col Davis 005

This little thing trimmed 1500 corners recently!  Boy, it got a workout!

A little over a week ago a beloved retired Army COL was happy to go home to mow the yard; he died suddenly while doing so.  His wife is a co-worker and is struggling  to say the least.

Good friends to her assistance.  The First Sergeant / co-worker of the widow has been at her side during all the planning and preparation for the memorial services and funeral.  The 1SG called me to order personalized Thank you cards.  After a little working to find the better photo and American flag paper, I began work.

The card itself is an off center tri-fold with the COL’s official military photo.  The photo corners and the actual card corners were all trimmed to a nice round edge.  Each card has an ink trim for definition.  Col Davis 001This American flag paper is great for the envelopes; the lighter center allows for the address to be written and easily visible for mailing. Col Davis 004

Adjusting the normal envelope pattern to fit the custom card fits perfectly.  Of course, the flap corners needed to be trimmed!

The final step was adding the double sided tape for sealing. Col Davis 006

Emotionally I delivered the personalized Thank You cards and envelopes on Monday.  The entire post was in mourning last week over this sudden death.  One hundred fifty thank you cards will not be nearly enough to touch those who will miss him.  As the family writes these notes, I hope they will know each card was created respectfully by me and another good friend.

As I remember COL Davis and his family, my heart is torn as I remember the families of all the other American military members killed in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2003.  The numbers of mourning Americans must be staggering as four thousand four hundred twenty-three U.S. military members and Department of Defense civilians have died in Iraq.  Our shorter war with Afghanistan has resulted in two thousand one hundred fifty-three deaths.  These statistics are from .

 My life frequently revolves around military causalities.  I spent days editing the proposed bronze plaque that was being created to accompany this Fallen Warrior monument.

Col Davis 008

This memorial is now home in the lobby of the Army Logistics University building.  One hundred ninety-nine dog tags are hanging from the rifle.  All of these Americans gave the ultimate sacrifice supporting operations Iraqi Freedom and New Dawn, and all of them were assigned to sustainment units. Sustainment units aren’t primarily fighters but the soldiers who supply the “beans and bullets”, also the water and petroleum.  Slide1Col Davis 011

Checking every name for correct spelling to respect each mourning family member was my self-imposed mission.   

Let’s always be respectful of our soldiers and their families.

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