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Oh! The places you’ll go …… the Fall BRAzaar!

The Fall BRAzaar is a free family fun filled Saturday at the southside Speedway in memory of Denys Musselman who died from Triple Negative Breast Cancer in 2011. Proceeds will be donated to VBCF which is a non-profit very close to my heart – right over my heart actually with a scar!

Oct. 5 will bring lots of food and fun at this event.  Search Fall BRAzaar to get all the details.  There will be children’s activities, live music, vendors, educational events, and even a bra collection! We will be assisting Athena’s Cup (out of Rhode Island) with their attempt to break the world record bra chain. New Zealand holds the current record with 169,000 bras. Come on,  with all the boobs in Richmond we should be able to break that record!

As we say in the South,  You’all Come!                                                            Slide1

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