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Oh! The places you’ll go …… up to the Studio.

From Junk Room to Studio. That’s the plan.

Our cottage home is just wonderful for us! We have everything we use daily on the main floor and upstairs we have a “guest suite”. That was the intent until my cards and altered books took over. And I mean literally TOOK OVER!
The guest suit den is where I work; a repainted dresser is the base for my desk top. Great since I use all the drawers for “stuff”. The top is a hollow core door from a ReStore. I Mod Podged print mementoes to the top – notes the boys have written me over the years, pages of their work from school, odd stamps for color (my father-in-law collected foreign stamps at one time), and even a copy of my father’s paperwork to join the Army Air Core back in 1944. (Daddy had just turned 18 the month before; he only weighed 120 lbs. His Army buddies nicknamed him “Chigger” because of his small size.) After the Mod Podge, I poured  Acrylic on the door/desk and let it dry. Definitely an amateur job, but effective for me. So my work space is special.




As you may imagine, this door/desk is never clean: computer, mats for cutting, tools for inking, trimming, embellishing, not to mention scraps of paper.  And much much more.
A door is longer and wider than the dresser and I need space for my legs which means the back of the door/desk top were woobly. Support was needed! Idea! Books, of course! Our “attic” collects books – so handy! Therefore the book leg supports! These work great; I just stacked them up.


Now the paper. I can’t resist paper; I even found old house blue prints this past week-end! Wow!!! I upcycle lots of maps, atlases, coffee table books, and other weeded books. My paper stash is everywhere! Inspired last week by Marty’s Musings,  , I began creating a studio instead of a junk room.
Marty’s cubes with standing paper were what inspired me to shop for cubes. I purchased 3 from Target and a shelf insert for each one. Works great. The cool metal file drawer, 12″X18″, supports the 3rd cube and acts as storage. This drawer was another ReStore find. With book stacks as front legs, the paper filled cubes act as the back legs.  The book shelf that previously held most of my paper still serves now holding Music, calendars to recycle, and other loose collections. I feel much better with all this organizing complete. Whew.

DSCN5511           DSCN5512       DSCN5509

The marvelous card catalogues under the windows are the bottoms of the card catalogs used at Richard Bland College Library where I worked for many years. The RBC librarian had the top drawers cut off to use as coffee tables in the renovated library. Each of my catalog drawers are labeled – alphabetically of course – and full of small things.

Hopefully you won’t see the huge consol TV under the beautiful antique mantel, or the outdated wall cabinet called a “shrunk” we brought home from Germany in the 80’s. The rest of this room needs to be updated – but things are working and I now have an organized studio!

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