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Oh! The places you’ll go ……..Brainstorming

When I am brainstorming, so very many ideas come to mind! Ideas I think I can accomplish. So I try!
Like the wonderful pallet patio table I saw in the August Good Housekeeping. It looks so simple; stack 2 pallets – one on top of the other – add large caster style wheels and use it on the patio. TAAA DAAA! Well, no. Our son brought us 3 pallets, I bought the wheels and Joe began the work. Joe doesn’t like or enjoy this kind of work at all – it isn’t technology, it doesn’t have buttons, and it doesn’t light up and go Whiz Bang when you succeed! After a little work, he came to me and said, “The pallets should be the same size, and ours are falling apart. We need nicer pallets; let’s buy some.” Well, NO! The whole idea of a pallet coffee table for the patio is that it is inexpensive, it can get rained on, it can have spider webs, and it will not get broken when yard work is going on! Something that looks so simple….. Plan B –don’t have one yet, but I’m brainstorming.

Wouldn’t book page luminaries with battery operated tea lights be Wonderful???? Yeah. So, I began with a luminary pattern. But it is too tall and skinny. I have adjusted and adjusted and tried again and tried again and am very discouraged. But they look so cool in my mind’s eye. I’m taking a break from these until my mind’s eye and my skills come together!

One thing that has worked was covering light switch plates with book pages. These look interesting and could be the greatest accent for some room. new cushions 011                                                                        new cushions 013

Light switch covers aren’t new ideas, but they are unique for each person.  When our sons were little I even painted one that moved with us around the world!   It was a little red haired boy with a puppy tugging at his pants.  The only light my “painting” deserves is when the lights are out!  It was meaningful to me.

Pallet coffee table Plan B – Clean up the pallets and enjoy as it!  That’s what I’ve done; compliment Joe, clean the pallets with vinegar water and let them dry.  I am so casual and easy going,  this looks perfect for my feet and glass of wine. No, the pallets aren’t the same size and yes there are cracks & rough edges, but I’m happy.

new cushions 005                                                                new cushions 007

 The patio needs more finishing touches, such as planter boxes built next to the house and a few other things.  The window boxes I received for my birthday  (2 months ago) have gotten hung which is a good thing.  It is the end of summer now, so I’m looking at fall and winter  plants for these.  I did grab a drip sprinkler system on sale to add to each window box as this side of the house gets total SUN!  I’m pushing for hook-up  next spring.  It won’t have flashing lights or a Whiz Bang after instillation, but it should make all the difference between living and dead plants.  Not to mention constant requests – AKA Nagging – for someone to water the flowers.

Now for a newly folded book!  So cute! This tiny book stands alone in a complete circle after I folded every page!  I found a couple of these in Germany at thrift shops.  The books are only 6cm square – approximately 2 ¼ inches. 

homestead, long garland 005

They appear to be tiny recipe books using a brand of something such as  Maggi .  Maggi is similar to a Kraft Foods Product; think of the recipes you use with Jello.  This tiny book has color and texture and a publication date of 1987. 

Brainstorming – mind mapping – sharing ideas – it all comes down to the beauty in the eye of the beholder.

4 thoughts on “Oh! The places you’ll go ……..Brainstorming

  1. used to have a decorative light switch plate in my laundry room that had plants painted on it that I Loved. It made doing laundry a little more pleasant!

  2. Oh, I like the way you think! Brainstorming is the thing that makes it happen for most of us! Your patio table is a fine example of success! It reminds me when Lonnie and I were in GeorgePeabody College for Teachers back in the mid ’50’s. We bought some thick boards (we had seen this done), stained them and bought some paving stones and used them for book cases and for a coffee table. We were so proud of an inexpensive way to dress up our apt. while saving money for our grad school too.

    Thanks. for Weeded Books.


  3. Having wooden shelves supported by pavers or cement blocks (in our case) are a right of passage aren’t they? Joe spent hours painting and satining. We used that for 5 years!

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