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Oh! The places you’ll go… to the mailbox

Let’s face it –there isn’t much of a market for handwritten note cards; no matter how lovely, creative, or inspirational. Don’t you really feel special when you receive a handwritten note or even a birthday card? I certainly do.

My Aunt Madge was the true Card Lady! She sent everyone she knew a birthday card! It was so wonderfully Special to receive a card! As a child, I know I saw her at least once a week and sometimes even more. She always send a card. When the family went camping at the beach for 2 weeks, the family would receive a letter or two from Madge keeping in touch. This was normal. When Madge got much much older, postage costs made sending all the cards too expensive; she explained this to everyone and the cards had to stop. Fortunately, Madge herself didn’t stop until last fall at age 91. All birthday cards and handwritten letters will forever remind me of Madge.

What about receiving a handwritten card from a General?  Wouldn’t that also be a keepsake?  Last week a nice Major in the Army told me a 2 Star general he  worked for always carried note cards and wrote notes regularly.  The 2 Star had at least one aid assigned to him that even did his packing!  Taking the time to write a note is quite the attribute and a keepsake for the recipient.

Handwriting is gone from school curriculums, and block letters are acceptable now for signatures – or a scribble! And I was required to take and pass “Writing on the Chalkboard” in College! You can imagine how I feel about this lack of fine motor skills!

Anyway, the note cards I make and enjoy so much while making them aren’t big selling items; there isn’t a market. Wanting to stay creative and productive, I’m brainstorming other things using books or book pages to sell. The first few came to fruition last week.

What do you think?

bowl, choose happiness, clock 017  This is a decorative bowl, upcycled of course with Chapter Headings torn from books and attached to the inside.  The outside is wrapped with heavy twine.  Rose ball in the center is a favorite accent of mine.   bowl, choose happiness, clock 018

006 Book pages from an architectural book that forms a matt for the adage “Choose Happiness”.  So Happiness and architecture don’t necessarily correspond, but the rich golden brown of the text and illustrations with this gold frame look like happiness to me!  Besides, I like being happy.

bowl, choose happiness, clock 008   Yes, a clock that sings – sorta!   Upcycling this clock with vintage music sheets was great fun!  I had found the music in Germany and it has a marvelous old patena without the brittleness of old paper. The clock looks great and the battery works, but the hands have little problem.  I must have done something wrong when I removed them because getting them to rotate correctly is an issue.  Gotta work on this.  Maybe that’s why the clock was on sale in the first place.  Maybe…

More ideas – Please…

Luckily, a shop owner in Carytown likes my sense of creativity and is now carrying many items including the note cards! Orange Local Artisan Interiors and Treasures .  Orange is located at 3007 W. Cary Street  Richmond,  VA.   Hopefully, the eclectic population/shoppers in that area will also be buyers!

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